Dinner time provides another opportunity to savor the gastronomy of Segovia. Guidance for tasqueos and evening meals is happily provided by the tour's leaders, and visits with famous Segovian restaurateurs are offered. The program offers a selection of some of Segovia's finest restaurants, some as dramatic as they are important historically, others innovative, propelling traditional Spanish cuisine into the 21st century!

On certain evenings, your guides, Suzy and Mark Markowitt,arrange for some of their long-time Segovian friends to join participants for tapas, a supper, after-dinner drinks at a cafe,or a late night concert. Here is your opportunity to meet, converse, and exchange views with artists, artisans, writers, performers, government officials,and business people. This is the unique feature of the Cocina Castellana program! Rather than just visiting churches, museums, and restaurants, (which,of course, you do) you actually come away from the tour having made memorable friendships with the "pueblo" of Spain.