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A Sangria and Tapas Evening at Home

Spaniards are people who love to enjoy themselves, as all of us do! But, the Spaniards appear to eat and drink more than we do...mainly because the institution of the bar in SPAIN is closer to being a meeting hall than a gin mill! Spaniards meet each other, men, women, children, their friends, and their relatives all in the local bars.

In small towns in Spain, the only place to have coffee is at a bar. In others, the only place that sells ice cream cones is the bar in the central square. Hard liquor is available, but it is not drunk by most Spaniards. The bar in the central square of a small town will serve much more coffee than it does liquor... but surely more wine...vino...than anything.

The wine and beer that is served at a bar is usually accompanied by some bit of food, a small snack, a tapa. It even used to be a law in Spain that the barman was obliged to serve a tapa with each drink.


Start with the basic tapa like the following, skewered by a toothpick:

Full dish items:

And of course, there is SANGRIA... for a pleasant variation on wine. The recipe was given to us by a friend, an Augustinian monk in El Escorial, and it is still the best we've found so far.

As the Spaniards say...BUENPROVECHO!!!

(Enjoy and digest well!!!)

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