Your constant hosts, guides, and translators during your time in Segovia are Suzy and Mark Markowitt, organizers of the "Cocina Castellana"program.Mark and Suzy have worked for years as international educators and have lived in many different countries including the Philippines,Saudi Arabia,Germany, India, Venezuela, UK, Mexico, Singapore,Uganda,Angola, and Spain,Mark since 1953 and Suzy since 1973.For a "home away from home", Mark and Suzy choose Spain,where they were involved in Programs in Overseas Education, an academic summer program for American High School students from the early seventies into the nineties. The skills they developed during those years are now reflected in the "TSL"name, a joyous play on the academic term "English as a Second Language". These people know Segovia well. They are friends with its artists and artisans, its writers and teachers, its priest sand nuns, its business people and government officials, its waiters and chefs in the taverns and restaurants.On this program, participants will certainly meet a good many of them as part of the Castilian panorama, and will return home with memories of true Spanish "amigos". Suzy and Mark are indeed dedicated tour guides and revel in bringing Spain to Americans by bringing Americans to Spain.