Christián Hugo Martín
Segovian by birth and commitment

On being allowed to observe the works of this young artist, the viewer will certainly be impressed beyond expectation...a young painter, yes, but one with an advanced sense of intuition, so essential to his creativity, as has been stated by Esteban Vicente, Dean of Spain's contemporary artists.

In observing Hugo's work, we come face-to-face with a phenomenon that can be referred to as the emergence of joyous genius in our time, this young artist in full-grown triumph of his creative being,in a country until only recently steeped in tradition to a fault, a painter who has caught his portion of the Muses' gifts in thin air, and at stark millennial points in time has set down on his canvas of preferred clouds and still newer forms, a,a challenge, to the generations, in triumph of the human spirit.

Having known Hugo and his family over so many years,we take personal joy in his achievement, his recognition, even as we do in terms of the emergence of Spain as very much the soul and spirit of the new Europe as it enters another millennium. The uplift of the human spirit that the new Europe embodies will be counting on the optimism and talent of the generation that will lead it. And in this corner, coming from Spain, we have Hugo Martin of Segovia, his talent and his challenge.

Hugo and his paintings will arrive shortly in the D.C.area, where he will be teaching as well as displaying his work. He is scheduled to arrive in Vermont this Spring, and will be staying with us in Montpelier,during which time he will also be showing his work locally.

A visit with Hugo working at his studio in the town of REVENGA, in Spain, is a highlight of our Culture and Cooking program,scheduled for May/June and October/November of 2001.